How to get more followers for your business LinkedIn page

By LinkedIn, Social media

1. Direct message your personal LinkedIn connections and invite them to your company page. Be sure to include the link for your page and a few points about the value they’ll get by following your page.

2. A precursor to this is to have a clear plan about the content you will post on your page and how frequently. With an editorial calendar to guide you, you’ll be able to deliver on the value you promise.

3. Include a link on your website using the LinkedIn icon.

4. Include a link to your LinkedIn page in your email signature, either visually with the icon or in text.

5. Include the URL for your business page on your business cards and other print materials. Consider putting the URLs for all of your social media pages on the back of your business card.

6. Participate in LinkedIn Groups. Be social. Post relevant content and comment in other members’ threads.

7. Follow other companies on LinkedIn. Some will follow you back, especially where you are in related businesses or in the same community particularly when there is the potential to help or learn from one another.

8. Offline: Place a “Follow us” message with social media URLs on an easelback card at the reception counter and on tables in the reception area. Also consider a small take-away card, like a business card with social media URLs that people can take with them for future reference.