Now’s the time to give your Twitter profile a makeover

By Twitter

The new, more visual, profile design for Web-based Twitter was released for all Twitter users two weeks ago.  Images are now much more prominent, making it super critical to have great photos that 1.  relate to your business and 2.  attract attention. (And of course that you have the rights to use.)  My personal Twitter account currently features a photo I took last year at Orofino Vineyards; relevant to me as a supporter of local economies, and wineries too!

My new Twitter profile

The new design has three main differences:

  • Larger profile header image (1500×500 pixels)
  • Larger profile image (400×400 pixels)
  • The option to “pin” a Tweet to the top of your page. If you have a tweet that you’d like all visitors to your page to see ahead of current tweets, you may find this useful. Currently I haven’t pinned a tweet, but it’s a nice option to have.

Another new feature is the way Twitter profiles are presented on “Followers” and “Following” pages. This is especially important from a marketing point of view. Whereas the previous design listed profiles in a single column, now they are listed in a grid, three columns wide. This means that your profile is competing in a sea of profiles, that are much easier to scroll past. But it also gives you an opportunity to stand out, because now the very visual, profile header image is included. When choosing your photos and crafting your profile bio, consider how your profile will compete with the others around it .  Below is an example of how my Twitter profile appears on one of my Followers’ “Following” page.


Two signs that a Twitter account may be neglected are a solid colour in place of a profile header image and the lack of a bio.   Your Twitter profile is representing you and your company.  Be sure it looks good and is saying the right things to your potential customers, future associates, news media and other very important prospects. And if it’s not, now’s the time for a makeover!

To update your profile, log into your account or start here.