How to attract more Facebook Fans

By Facebook, Social media

With quality content and posting frequently… but not too frequently

Every search engine algorithm is designed to deliver quality results. And Facebook is no different. Algorithms can’t judge quality by reading, looking at pictures or watching videos. But they can calculate numbers! Therefore quality is judged by the numbers, thousands of numbers.

Numbers to keep in mind are those that measure audience interaction, connections and frequency. The theory being that the more people who click on links, or take action such as posting a comment the better quality that site or post must be. Similarly a Page that consistently posts new content on a regular basis is likely to be better quality than one that posts infrequently.

Posting new, quality content frequently is critical for Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. Known as EdgeRank, the algorithm determines the distribution of posts to a Page’s Fans. EdgeRank distributes a post to more of a Page’s Fans according to the engagement rate of the post and the Page.

The engagement rate is calculated based on three aspects of the post and the Page:

  1. Likes, comments and shares on that day
  2. Number of wall posts on the Page on that day
  3. Total number of Fans on that day

It’s important to note that EdgeRank also takes into account the Follower’s own engagement with the Page; that is, a Fan who interacts with a Page and its posts often is more likely to be shown your future posts in their News Feed.

To help increase your posting frequency, consider supplementing  the posts that you and your employees write with content written for you by freelancers either locally or found on sites such as and Depending on the volume, consider engaging a freelance editor (potentially also through these sites), knowledgeable in your field to vet the submitted articles before they come to you. That way they should be ready or close to ready for posting.

How frequently is too frequently will depend on your audience.  Is there a frequency point at which you see a decline in likes? Are your followers in different time zones? How specific is your audience? For example, local moms who are online while the kids are at school or after they’re asleep?  Or are they travelers to BC from around the world?

Experiment to see which types of posts, topics and posting frequency get better results. Then do more of that! And introduce new ideas to test. It’s all about continuous improvement… oh, and changing algorithms. They keep it interesting, but the intention is to keep audiences happy with quality content.