Reactvertising – It’s a thing now! (parody video by john st)

By Humour

For better or worse, technological advances have led to a hyper-paced world. There was the fax machine, then email, then social media. Now, at the click of a send button, messages, responses and reactions are sent instantly to one person, a group or publicly to the whole world. We take it for granted.

As consumers we expect “instant.” As content producers we aim to meet consumers’ expectations. And as brand marketers we aim to be relevant and timely.

Among big brands (and some not so big brands) it’s become a kind of game to gain attention by weaving current events or pop culture into social media content in a way that will (hopefully) go viral. Being uber-fast and first-out-of-the-gate earns more points and potentially, the holy grail, media coverage.

Toronto agency john st.‘s hilarious parody points out the folly of pursuing real-time marketing with speed as the primary success metric. Take a break in your fast-paced day and enjoy a bit of tongue-in-cheek entertainment.