Broken links – know if you have them so you can fix them

By Website Maintenance

Broken links can be the nemesis of website owners and managers. They're working fine and then seemingly out of the blue you discover that a link is broken, or worse, many links are broken. But it's not really out the blue. For a link to break, something changed. Why or how it changed almost doesn't matter, other than to prevent future occurrences.

What matters is knowing about the broken link as quickly as possible and fixing it right away. Broken links affect the quality of your site. They can cause site visitors to be frustrated and leave, meaning potential lost revenue. And they prevent search engine crawlers from fully indexing your site, meaning lower search engine rankings, less traffic and potential lost revenue.

To find broken links would be a chore if we had to do it manually, navigating our site and clicking on each link. That's a lot of links! Fortunately there are tools that will check for broken links and provide a report. is one of the best -- a free online tool for sites under 3,000 pages that will tell you not only which page has the broken link but exactly where it is on the page. In a matter of seconds you'll know if you have broken links. And then you can fix them.