Donna Gratton, Strategist | Owner

My entire career has been in marketing and advertising in one form or another. I've held management positions in advertising agencies and corporate communications departments, in a wide range of industries from packaged goods, to retail stores, Internet services and an energy utility. And I've helped businesses create and promote their websites since the 1990s!

Now as the owner of Vivify Communications, I'm excited to help small business owners make better use of their websites and social media to reach and engage their customers, and ultimately to achieve their business objectives.

From managing national brand accounts, to sales and marketing of web services, to marketing consulting for small and medium businesses; the one constant has been that I thrive on developing multi-channel strategies, getting them into market and measuring the results.

I've successfully planned and produced a wide range of integrated marketing campaigns, customer communications, and website launches/refreshes that contribute positively to the customer experience and the corporate brand. And I've managed social media activity for a prominent regional brand.

As a strategist, I see the big picture, able to ensure that all elements of marketing are working together and in alignment with the overall business goals. And as a manager, I get it done with a "whatever it takes" attitude, within budget and on time, because money and timelines are always critical.


My Why

Stress. Exhaustion. Burnout. Left unchecked, these three thieves can creep into our lives to silently rob us of health, joy, and in a sense, the best of who we can be. Ultimately, they rob our families, friends and communities of the productivity and creativity we would otherwise be able to contribute if we weren't stressed, tired or burnt out. Worse yet, this trio of thieves is generally accepted and expected in our hyper-paced, ultra-connected, uber-competitive society. To explore and implement ways to combat these particular thieves would take time and effort which are already in short supply. It's a catch-22.

Studies show that consumers are increasingly seeking products and services that will help them live healthier and more sustainably. Yet there is a recognized difficulty for consumers and health and sustainability businesses to find each other.

And therein lies my personal why.
To contribute to the health and sustainability
of individuals, businesses and communities
through the use of my talents in digital marketing communications,
particularly for local businesses and those whose
products and services support lifestyles of health and sustainability.

And my mission is simple -- to help others help more people.

My Skills & Areas of Expertise

  • Communications planning
  • Digital marketing
  • Web writing
  • Usability / User centered design
  • Project management
  • Content strategy
  • Social media
  • Web analytics
  • Campaign planning
  • Team leadership
  • Trade show marketing
  • Event planning
Donna's expertise and support has been an incredible asset to my company. Donna has an ability to put herself in the customer shoes and find ways to get the most meaningful message to your audience. Donna has helped me understand and build a strategic plan for the future of my company.
Laura Bradley
Clinical Director & Therapist, Steadfast Counselling