Engaging audiences online starts with creating compelling content - website, blog articles, social media posts, videos and much more. Creating a strategy or roadmap will ensure that all of that content works together to meet your business objectives

At each of your online touchpoints with your audiences, what is the next step that you want them to take? And each step after that? What is the path that you want them to take to ultimately become a customer, a repeat customer or associate? At each step what is the value being offered and how might you wow them?

Whether we call it a path, a journey or a sales funnel, it’s about a positive audience experience and improving conversion rates. This takes significant planning, content creation and automated delivery systems. And with continuous testing for ongoing improvement, the end result is a clear process and system for converting site visitors to prospects and prospects to customers – potentially the biggest game-changer for your business.


With a review of your current online audience touchpoints and your business objectives, Vivify Communications will develop recommendations (including communication sequences) to improve the conversion process. These will focus on, but not be limited to, content and delivering value.

Content Creation

With approval of a specific funnel or communication sequence, Vivify Communications can embark on creating the content for the landing pages, emails, content products (eg. PDFs, ebooks, other) or guide your team. if that is needed.

Funnel Building

Vivify Communications uses ClickFunnels to build campaign landing pages and communication sequences. Everything is taken care of for you. You’ll have a fully automated system that sends funnel-specific email communications to your segmented audiences.