Engaging audiences online starts with creating compelling content - website, blog articles, social media posts, videos and much more. Creating a strategy or roadmap will ensure that all of that content works together to meet your business objectives


To match our digital marketing efforts and activities to our business goals requires having a strategic plan. With strategies and tactics in hand, and resources and systems identified, it becomes a matter of following a process to implement them and ultimately contribute to our business objectives.

There’s tremendous value in knowing what strategies and tactics will be undertaken, why they are ones to focus on, when to take each step, where to be online, and how to make it all happen over the next several months. In part, because we also know which strategies and tactics we’re not going to be using. And we don’t have to wonder. The decisions have been made. We move forward with clarity and confidence, able to focus our efforts on putting the strategic plan into action.

A strategic plan is not a “set it and forget it” sort of thing, though. No, it’s a living, breathing document that evolves as actions yield results. It’s critical that every digital marketing plan includes a means to measure results. And that the results be tracked and reported on a regular basis. And, this is the big one, be acted upon quickly with decisions made in terms of staying the course or changing the course.

Strategic planning takes time and expertise. If you want more time or more expertise on your team, Vivify Communications can help – with a fully customizable strategic planning service. We work with you to build a digital marketing plan that is based on your team’s knowledge and experience about your industry, business and customers.


It’s true that digital marketing can mean creating a lot of content. Depending on your business and your goals, it will mean any or all of the following:
- A website
- Blog articles
- Landing pages
- Downloadable content (eg. PDFs, ebooks, etc.)
- Social media posts
- Visuals (eg. photos, images, charts, infographics)
- Videos
- Audio files
- Podcasts
- Webinars, live and recorded
- Livestream events

Which of these do you currently have in your digital marketing mix? Are you dealing with challenges or feeling stuck? Do you find that there isn’t enough time for your team to create effective content? That you have more ideas than you can implement with your current resources (time, money and people)?

Let’s get to the heart of your greatest content challenges and find solutions for you, within your team, with Vivify Communications or a combination of both.