Digital Marketing Review & Roadmap

Do you want to improve your online marketing efforts, but aren’t sure where to begin or how to fit it into your busy schedule? Wouldn’t it be great to have it all figured out, with a written guide detailing which aspect of your digital marketing to focus on when?

Vivify’s Digital Marketing Review and Roadmap will give you exactly that. Designed for small business owners who want guidance on how they can make better use of their social media and website, the review and roadmap focuses on what makes sense for your business. Not what’s trending or hot now, or where “everyone” says you should be. But rather, what will contribute to your business and communication goals.

This isn’t an in-depth marketing plan with a full-fledged competitive analysis or ultra-detailed implementation guide. You know the kind of plan that takes months to complete and can be out of date before it’s finished? Yeah – this isn’t that.

This is a plan you can use – strategically in sync with your business and your goals for the next 3-12 months. With strategies that will take your online presence to the next level. And tactics that fit your business, whether you take them on, your employees make them happen, or an outside resource manages it for you.

3 Phases

Discovery – Review – Recommendations


We start with a phone or Skype meeting (up to 60 minutes) to learn about your
- business and industry
- short and long term business objectives
- audiences (eg. customers, prospects, influencers, other stakeholders)
- digital channels currently in use
- resources available


Review of current content and activity online
- Website
- Social media accounts
- Audience engagement
- Online reviews, if applicable
High level review of top competitors’ activity online


A fully customized, digital marketing roadmap will be emailed to you 5-7 business days after the Discovery phone/Skype call. This detailed document will include:
- Recommended digital marketing strategies and tactics to contribute to your specific business objectives,
- Requirements to have in place before recommendations can be implemented,
- Action steps and suggested timeframes to implement the strategies in a realistic and effective manner, and
- A snapshot of your business’ current online activity. This is both informative and a good benchmark to have for the future.
We follow up with a phone or Skype meeting (up to 60 minutes) to review your custom digital marketing roadmap and answer questions.


$297* + tax

* Designed for small businesses with websites under 100 pages. Websites with more than 100 pages may require additional time at a rate to be agreed upon prior to work beginning.